A new age for AI powered food packing robotics.

Complex stuff, made simple.

Imagine you could teach a machine to complete food processing tasks, just as you would train a human worker. Imagine that machine comprehending your instructions and flawlessly executing them without error, fatigue, or need for breaks, holidays, reasonable working hours or sick time.

Now imagine that machine constantly analysing and optimising its own performance, adapting and upgrading itself without any effort on your part. Finally, imagine that machine is affordable, dependable, and adaptable to changes in your production line.

Discover how Leap AI helped Evesham Vale Growers reduce packing costs and streamline production.

Imagine no more…

Leap AIs technology does just this.  We have a vision for a world where manual tasks are a choice and are on a mission to provides accessible, affordable automation for any task.

Our first product PikPak™ with SenseOS, is a ground-breaking pick and place solution designed specifically for the food processing industry.

PikPak™ is an advanced robotic packing system that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of your food production operations. With PikPak™, constant learning and improvement are the norm, ensuring that your products are handled with the utmost precision and care.

PikPak™ stands out as the most budget-friendly end-of-line packaging solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. Its remarkable adaptability means that it can seamlessly integrate into your existing production line, causing minimal disruption.

The figures speak for themselves.

0 yr
average payback time
reduction in labour costs
increase in throughput
increase in productive hours

Our solutions

Meet PikPak™, the affordable packing solution.

PikPak™ is a secondary packaging solution featuring the latest robotic technology.  It is a fully enclosed robotic pick and place system including product infeed, tray & cardboard box management, a modernised & intuitive user interface, full servicing & system monitoring and field proven reliability.

What’s more, it’s built to complete 100,000,000 movements in its lifetime, the equivalent of packing half a billion punnets of Grapes.

That’s a lot of Grapes…

Powered by

Here at Leap AI we have developed our robotic tech from the ground up – including robots and full software stack. SenseOS is our ground-breaking AI powered operating system that works seamlessly with our hardware, providing robots with unparalleled perception, motion capabilities, and cognitive abilities.

Leap’s SenseOS stands out as a software platform that empowers robots to perform a wide array of tasks without the need for traditional robot programming. Our conversational robotics platform, a world-first, allows users to communicate their requests and suggest improvements using natural language, with the robot comprehending and adjusting its behaviour accordingly.

PikPak™ Savings Calculator,
See what you can save.

Our calculator is a powerful tool designed to illustrate the cost savings a Leap AI robot can save you compared to traditional staffing expenses.

Simply enter a few details and the calculator will determine how much money you could save by deploying a Leap AI robot in your packing process.

Businesses can reduce labour costs by as much as 80%, see what you could save.

What our customers have to say

Your efficient and streamlined processes have been crucial in delivering a smooth customer experience, your team’s commitment to efficiency has fostered a sense of trust and reliability in our partnership. We have been consistently impressed by your ability to handle our inquiries promptly and professionally.


Operations Director, 

Fresca Group

I had some trepidation about installing a robotic system which was a first for our business. I was blown away by how smooth the process was and how quickly the system was installed and operational.


Operations Manager, 


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